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Team Management

Team Management for Marketing and Software Development

Harness the power of a skilled team to bring your marketing and software development projects to life. I specialize in assembling and managing top-tier talent from platforms like Upwork, ensuring your projects not only kick off smoothly but also cross the finish line with exceptional results.

  • Talent Recruitment: I handpick professionals with the right skills and experience, building a team tailored to your project’s specific needs.
  • Project Management Excellence: With a focus on both marketing and tech, I oversee every aspect of the project lifecycle to ensure timely delivery and quality outcomes.
  • Marketing and Technical Leadership: My expertise spans across marketing strategies and technological implementations, allowing me to guide projects with a balanced and informed approach.
  • Team Coordination: I ensure seamless collaboration within the team, fostering an environment where communication is clear and productivity is maximized.
  • Quality Assurance: My role involves not just management but also quality control, guaranteeing that the final deliverables meet your highest standards.


By entrusting me with your team management needs, you leverage not just a manager, but a leader who is committed to your project’s success from start to finish.

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