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About me

I’m Jonathan Moreno, but my friends call me Jonny, and now you can too 🙂 .

With over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and project management, and 20 years as a DJ and event producer, I am known for my dedication and hard work.

My honesty and strong sense of responsibility make those who decide to work with me feel trusted and assured of great results. I’ve successfully tackled challenges by leveraging my technical skills and leadership to deliver outstanding outcomes. Let’s work together and achieve new heights!

Dj Sessions:

By VNV Events


  • You’ve probably already heard about my work and are looking to hire me for your special occasion. If so, I don’t need to explain the quality of my services. If this is your first time, take a seat, relax, and enjoy my DJ sessions.
  • Remember, if you want to hire my services, you need to contact my booking agency, VNV Events.
  • My price per hour is around $200.00, but you can follow THIS LINK to access my packages.


Some of my Marketing Projects

Struggling with common challenges like “Where to start?”, “Which technology to use?”, or “How to deliver on time?”?

I’ve faced these too and have spent years aiding teams and business owners in overcoming them with effective, technical solutions.

Remember, every company’s unique, but excellent Communication and Knowledge are universal keys to enhancing productivity and peace of mind.

Hourly Rate:

My services are priced at $50.00 per hour. Typically, with 10 to 12 hours of dedicated work each month, I can effectively evaluate and optimize your brand’s presence. 

During this time, I cover a range of tasks including website evaluation, competitor analysis, social media content creation, Google Ads management, and broad platform listing, ensuring comprehensive digital growth.

Why you should work with me

  • You have an awesome idea but no idea how to bring it to life.
  • You have already created a project but want to take it to the next level.
  • You know you need help with branding, social media, and online presence.
  • You know me or one of my projects and understand how I can improve your sales or event experience.
  • In 20 years, I can say I have seen everything and have overcome every complicated situation. 
  • Thanks to my work ethic, I can assure you that if you work with me, you are in the best hands 🙂 .

    Explore my Youtube channel to know a little more about me.


    Explore my Digital Event Schedule and Performances in South Florida.



    B2BLive – Networking Nights

    Date & Location: Thursday, Jul07 – 5:30 PM

    Location: 2645 Executive Park Dr – Weston, FL 33331 

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