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The event you imagine, brought to Life.

I specialize in creating the perfect musical atmosphere for all types of gatherings. Whether it’s a small, intimate event or a large outdoor celebration, my tailored DJ services are designed to meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.

Prices & Packages:

  • Intimate Gatherings (up to 80 people): Starting at $100/hour. Ideal for cozy gatherings, providing an immersive musical experience.
  • Basic Lighting Package: Starting at $140/hour. Add a visual flair to your event with a basic lighting setup.
  • Large Events & Outdoor Venues (up to 200 people): Starting at $200/hour. Tailored for larger crowds or outdoor settings, ensuring every beat is felt.
Additionally, I collaborate with the top event company in South Florida, VNV Events LLC. With their expertise, we are able to craft unparalleled music experiences throughout South Florida.

Your vision, combined with my expertise, guarantees that your celebration will be an unforgettable journey of sound and excitement. 

Musical Genres Offered:

  • 🌎 Latin Rhythms: Dive into the heart of Latin America with Cumbia, Dembow , Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton beats.
  • 🎶 Indian Melodies: Experience the rich diversity of Indian music, from traditional tunes to contemporary Bollywood hits.
  • ✡️ Jewish Harmonies: Enjoy the soulful and festive melodies of Jewish music, perfect for creating a joyous atmosphere.
  • 🎵 African American Beats: Groove to classic and modern R&B, Funk, and Soul, celebrating the rich heritage of African American music.
  • 🎸 Rock and Pop Classics: Relive iconic moments with hits from the 80s, 90s, and today’s chart-toppers in rock and pop.
  • 💃 Dance Floor Hits: Keep up with the latest Top 40 trends, mixed with the unique Miami sound. Our experienced DJs, familiar with Miami’s dynamic nightclub scene, ensure a high-energy, packed dance floor.
  • 🌍 Afrobeat: Feel the pulse of Africa with infectious Afrobeat rhythms, a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary African sounds.
  • 🌴 Caribbean Vibes: Dive into the rich musical heritage of the Caribbean with Dancehall, Reggae, Creole music, Soca and more, bringing the spirit of the islands to your event.

With each package, I bring not just music, but a complete sensory experience to your event in South Florida.

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