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Digital Marketing Consulting Services in South Florida

Don't overpay for a marketing team. Utilize only the hours you truly need and skip the recruitment hassle.

Struggling with common challenges like “Where to start?”, “Which technology to use?”, or “How to deliver on time?”?

I’ve faced these too and have spent years aiding teams and business owners in overcoming them with effective, technical solutions.

Remember, every company’s unique, but excellent Communication and Knowledge are universal keys to enhancing productivity and peace of mind.

Prices and Packages:

Hourly Rate:

My services are priced at $50.00 per hour. Typically, with 10 to 12 hours of dedicated work each month, I can effectively evaluate and optimize your brand’s presence. 

During this time, I cover a range of tasks including website evaluation, competitor analysis, social media content creation, Google Ads management, and broad platform listing, ensuring comprehensive digital growth.


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If we need to create your website, my commitment is to develop a basic website (similar to this one) within the first 8 hours, serving as a starting point for the growth process.

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Startup Package: $690/month

This package is designed to enhance your online presence through a dedicated 16-hour monthly effort by myself and my team. Our goal is to deliver measurable improvements in your SEO, visibility, and market positioning at an affordable cost.

We utilize a combination of AI-driven content creation, strategic marketing approaches, comprehensive Google campaign setup and optimization, website optimization, and competitor evaluation to set your brand apart.

Comprehensive Team Package: $1,699.00

Gain access to an entire team of developers and creative experts, all led by me, ensuring cohesive and effective marketing strategies bypassing the need for lengthy recruitment processes.

This includes:

  • Project Manager / Marketing Specialist (6 Hours / Week)
  • Web Developer (6 Hours / Week)
  • Content Creator (4 Hours / Week)
  • Graphic Designer (6 Hours / Week)
  • Social Media Manager. (4 Hours / Week)

Marketing Consulting for Lead Generations (Comprehensive Team Package)

Once you hire our full package, Each month, my team and I execute a strategic plan to boost your brand’s visibility and growth through my consulting program, focusing on key areas from web evaluation to content creation, digital marketing, and performance analysis.

Step One: Website Evaluation
I start by assessing your website’s SEO, usability, and speed to identify improvement areas.

Step Two: Competitor Evaluation
Next, I analyze competitors to uncover opportunities for your brand’s differentiation and content strategy.

Step Three: Web Development and Content Creation
My team and I revitalize your website and create SEO-optimized content that resonates with your audience.

Step Four: Audio and Video Podcasts Production
We produce engaging podcasts using AI for use in social media campaigns and broader content strategy.

Step Five: Social Media Management
With rich multimedia content, we enhance your brand’s social media presence, maximizing reach and engagement.

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Step Six: Google Ads Campaign
We launch targeted Google Ads campaigns, utilizing analytics to monitor performance and optimize for the best CPC.

Step Seven: Email Marketing
Our email campaigns are designed to engage your audience, complemented by strategic website funnels for lead capture.

Step Eight: POP Material
We create impactful point-of-purchase materials to boost in-store brand visibility and appeal.

Step Nine: Reputation and Listing Management
We manage your online reputation and business listings to maintain a positive brand image.

Final Step: Results Evaluation and Optimization
I conclude with a thorough analysis of all campaigns, using insights to refine and optimize ongoing strategies.

Our comprehensive approach guarantees measurable improvements, driving success and elevating your brand’s profile month after month.

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